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New CCS eligibility rule is starting from 11 July 2022: 26-week rule

A new CCS eligibility rule is starting soon.

From 11 July, a child who hasn’t used care at least once in the previous 26 weeks will no longer be eligible for CCS.

If a child has not attended care since 10 January 2022, their CCS will cancel from 11 July. The rule will apply on an ongoing basis from this date. Families will need to submit a new CCS claim if the child re-commences care.

Services Australia will notify impacted families. Child care centres do not need to take action.

Services Australia will not raise CCS debts when applying the 26-week rule. Any changes to CCS entitlement will only apply from the date of cancellation.

Will the rule impact a family’s higher CCS?

Families with more than one child aged 5 or under in care can get a higher CCS for their second child and younger children.

The 26-week rule may affect a family’s entitlement to the higher CCS.

If a standard rate child’s CCS eligibility ends, Services Australia will reassess all other children in the family to determine:

  • the new standard rate child
  • new subsidy rates.

If a child starts to attend care again, after their CCS was cancelled, the family can lodge a new claim for CCS.

The 26-week rule will not affect any backpay made to combined families for any higher subsidy they were eligible for between 7 March and 30 June 2022.

If families have questions, please contact Services Australia.