CCS Eligibility

Residence rules for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

To be eligible for Child Care Subsidy you must meet the residence rules.

On the day you claim, you or your partner must be living in Australia and also have one of the following:

  • Australian citizenship
  • a permanent visa
  • a Special Category visa
  • a certain temporary visa that is partner provisional or temporary protection type visa.

Special Category visa (SCV)

You’ll generally get a Special Category visa (SCV) if you came to Australia on a New Zealand passport, and you didn’t apply for a visa first. The type of SCV you get depends on when you arrived in Australia.

Temporary protection type visas

If you hold a temporary protection type visa, you can claim some payments and concession cards.

Temporary protection type visas include:

  • subclass 060 – Bridging F
  • subclass 070 – Bridging (Removal Pending)
  • subclass 449 – Humanitarian Stay
  • subclass 785 – Temporary Protection
  • subclass 786 – Temporary (Humanitarian Concern)
  • subclass 790 – Safe Haven Enterprise
  • subclass ZB 951 – Criminal Justice Stay (only when granted for certain purposes).

Partner provisional visas

If you hold a partner provisional visa, you can claim some payments and concession cards.

Partner provisional visas include:

  • subclass 820 – Partner (temporary)
  • subclass 309 – Partner (provisional).

Please note: Most temporary residents do not meet the residence rules and so are not eligible, for example, the temporary skill shortage visa 482.